Thursday, December 3, 2015

Equipment for Checkout

Perhaps you were not aware that our library supports all your video needs.  Below, you can see what the library has to offer.  All equipment except our editing machines are available for check out so you can film on location if need be.   You can reserve equipment by emailing Mr. Wolotsky.

First, we have two types of film recorders, DSLRs and Camcorders.  A digital single lens reflex camera or DSLR pictured above looks like an old 35 millimeter camera.  A DSLR camera requires more expertise but can be used to capture video with a cinematic effect.  Camcorders, while HD, may not produce as good a picture as a DSLR.  However, camcorders are easy to use and good for almost 100% of your school assignments requiring you to produce video.

Currently, we have two types of equipment that can be checked out to stabilize either type of camera.  We have tripods as seen below.  Tripods can used in a variety of ways and are essential to produce stabile professional looking video.

We also have sliders which can be used with camcorders or DSLRS.  Sliders allow the cinematographer to make smooth moving videos.  A slider can be used on the floor, on a table, or set up on top of a tripod.  They can be used in a horizontal or vertical direction with a tripod.

For students wishing to produce the best quality video  we have some sound equipment for checkout as well.  Pictured below you can see a complete audio set up.  Students can check out booms, mics, mic extensions, headphones, and audio recorders.

Finally, many of your personal computers are not equipped to edit video.  For you we have three machines dedicated to video editing in Anchor Studios.  See Mr. Wolotsky and he will be delighted to make you your own account on one of these machines.  These machines are equipped with both iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

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