Monday, November 17, 2014

Sophomore Research Project Part 2

Below are links to all the qualifying questions you all came up with by class.

Period 1 Mr. Paul
Period 3 Mr. Paul and Mr. Harder
Period 4 Mr. Paul 
Period 5 Mr. Harder
Period 6 Mr. Harder
Period 7 Mr. Paul


Research means to search and search again
Marvel Databases to try - Proquest Newspapers, Maine Newstand, and Academic Search Complete
Essential Question Rubric
Some Social Studies examples of Essential Questions

Monday, November 10, 2014

Sophomore Research Project in English

Perhaps you have accessed the library page looking for some help with your paper. Mr. Harder, Mr. Paul, Ms. Blodgett, and I are happy you are using the library page.
Here is a short brainstorm from Ms Blodgett's 6th period class.  Here is a short brainstorm from Ms. Blodgett's 8th period class. Here is a short brainstorm from Mr. Paul's Period 1 Class.

A few things to remember;
1. Get in touch with Mr. Wolotsky if you need any help, night or day.
2.  It all starts with a good question.  Here is what Mr. Wolotsky used to use to assess Essential Questions when he taught.
3.   The best databases within Marvel?
-Proquest Newspapers for National newspapers
-Maine Newstand for Maine Newspapers
-Academic SearchPremier for academic journals

4. Research means to search and search again!