Monday, November 10, 2014

Sophomore Research Project in English

Perhaps you have accessed the library page looking for some help with your paper. Mr. Harder, Mr. Paul, Ms. Blodgett, and I are happy you are using the library page.
Here is a short brainstorm from Ms Blodgett's 6th period class.  Here is a short brainstorm from Ms. Blodgett's 8th period class. Here is a short brainstorm from Mr. Paul's Period 1 Class.

A few things to remember;
1. Get in touch with Mr. Wolotsky if you need any help, night or day.
2.  It all starts with a good question.  Here is what Mr. Wolotsky used to use to assess Essential Questions when he taught.
3.   The best databases within Marvel?
-Proquest Newspapers for National newspapers
-Maine Newstand for Maine Newspapers
-Academic SearchPremier for academic journals

4. Research means to search and search again!

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