Friday, April 17, 2015

Library Makerspace - Anchor Studios

             Our library maker space is currently focused on student film and video projects.   This year we named our maker space, Anchor Studios.  Currently the space has tripods, audio and film equipment, a green screen, and space for collaboration and filming.  The space is there to support staff and students both with the regular curriculum as well as independent projects.
             Next year we are going to expand what Anchor Studios has to offer.  Thanks to FEF(The Falmouth Education Foundation) we have acquired funds to create a space where students can work on art projects and also photograph and film their work.  The plan is for the current studio space to be shifted to the current Tech Help space.  This move will give the maker space more room and therefore the potential to offer more opportunities to students.  Further, the new maker space will include a converted network closet to a small and somewhat sound proof room for audio recording.
An example of a copy stand
Our current maker space

Next year's maker space

Believe it or not this will become a sound room for recording Audio.
Once cleaned out there will be plenty of space.