Monday, February 29, 2016

Tech Team Stories: Our Badge System

As of today we have 31 members of the Falmouth High School Tech Team also known as FalTech.  Our members train asynchronously  and at their own pace. We use a badge system, which is pictured below.

Tech Teamers choose what trainings they want to work on.  When they have completed a training with proficiency they receive a badge.   We have badges for all kinds of different tech team tasks.  We have a customer service badge, a MAC operating system badge, a film editing badge, and a take apart badge, to name a few.  Below, you can see several Tech Teamers working on their take apart badge. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

More Film Equipment for Checkout

Anchor Studios(off the library) continues to purchase film equipment that is available to all students and staff for checkout.  Pictured above is Liam Jacquet(2019) using a shoulder rig.  This device allows the cinematographer to obtain moving shots while lessoning the shakiness of the footage.

Above you can see Natou Rudenberg(2016) in front of our portable green screen.  This green screen is available for checkout.  We hope to have a green screen permanently installed inside our new audio studio, 

In this picture you can barely make out Max Abramson(2016) pointing two of our new studio lights at the camera.  We have two sets of these lights and they are available for checkout.