Friday, June 5, 2015

Films from the First Annual Anchor Film Festival

The first ever Anchor Film Festival was a huge success.  We had eleven films which will be linked below.  Here is a list of awards and the winners.

Best Actor - Connor Piers
Best Actress - Michaela Micalizio
Best Supporting Actor - John Rioux
Best Supporting Actress - Ruth Smith
Best Short Short - Daisey Caxton-Smith Into the Water
Best Cinematography - Tanner Leslie - Deliberance
Best Costume/set design - Michaela Micalizio - Besmirched
Best Editing - Celia De Wolfe- I Dare You
Best Cameo - Jack Simmonds - Kickstarter Video
People's Choice - Others Like
Best Film - Others Like Us

Below you will find links to all the movies shown at this year's anchor awards with the descriptions film makers submitted for the program.

Directed by John Rioux

Michael Smith needs a pencil. Now, Michael could just go and buy a box of pencils, but who uses money anymore right? "Pointless" follows Michael's decent in a life of pencil-based organized crime.
Pointless (Final Edit).mov

Blood Red Tide
Directed by Thomas Hiscock

After discovering that his girlfriend has cheated on him, Dustin Foyer demands an answer.  The answer he gets is not the one he wanted to hear, and in a moment of bloody passion, Dustin kills her.   Filled with anger and sorrow, he attempts to make amends in a final act of love.
Blood Red Tide (Final) .mp4

I Dare You
Directed by Celia De Wolfe

Filmed entirely on an iPhone, "I Dare You" follows three girls who are leaving for college in a few weeks.  They decide to do something crazy and memorable to cap off the summer.  The girls embark on a dare challenge in which they must keep a video diary as proof of their adventures.  All goes wrong as one by one, they suffer the sinister dangers of their summer escapade.

La Porte Bleue
Directed by Alex Levy and Noah Peterson

This film began as a project for screenwriting class.  The goal of the movie was to make a film with the title "The Blue Door"  in one class period.(80 minutes)  We decided to take this concept in an experimentally French direction
The Blue Dooralexnoah.mp4
Into the Water
Directed by Daisey Caxton Smith

This film is a murder mystery.  It is set in the present, and is in black and white.  The film is about a missing case who later is revealed to the big audience to be dead.
Go to the water.mp4

Directed by Alex Britton

After a man is murdered by a hitman he wakes in purgatory, in which he is given a deal by a mysterious group of people. If he wins the poker game he will go to heaven but if he loses he will go to hell.  Can the man win a game of poker without dying?

The Blue Door
Directed by Michela Micalizio and Emma Nonni

This film is the result of an eighty minute film challenge in screenwriting class.

Directed by Michela Micalizio

A young man is stalked by a masked figure. What is it? What does it want?

Others Like Us
Directed by Evan Hill

Two siblings have opposing views about the concept of unconditional love, after their sister is kicked out of the house, as two best friends spend their last hour together before one goes off to war. Simultaneously, both pairs are listening to radio broadcasts that could change how they perceive their place in the universe.

Directed by Jack Britton

A man struggling with a recent breakup is confronted about his denial.

Plaster the Wall
Directed by Tom Adams

In a mockumentary setting, film club head Dan Wolotsky(played by himself) pushes the members of the club to generate a script for the upcoming film festival.  The only idea stems from John(John Rioux) who pitches an absurd yet popular possibility.  Stefan, (Stefan Joyce) on the other hand, secretly works on his own script, and pursues to win the club over. Which project will be chosen is the dilemma Dan Wolotsky faces in "Plaster the Wall".
Plaster the Wall.mp4