Friday, January 16, 2015

Tech Team Stories: Several members of our team are going to become Apple Certified Mac Technicians

         In point of fact, on any given day our network has from 700 to 1300 Mac devices on it. As a result, six veteran members of our tech team are going to go through Apple's Macintosh Certification Program.  Normally, this training costs $3,600 but fortunately, thanks to a connection of Mr. Jewett's, we will only need to come up with a third of that cost.  For the rest of the fee the Technology Teamis doing fundraisers and Falmouth Schools will pick up part of the tab.  More information about our fundraisers in a future post.
       The training is a ton of work and students will spend their entire February break and two school days.  However, once certified, our students will instantly qualify for jobs at any Apple Authorized Service Provider.   Some of our students have also talked about starting their own Mac repair shop.  In any case, after February break our Incredible Tech Team is going to get even stronger.


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